Kjellander + Sjöberg Workbook

K + S launches Kjellander + Sjöberg Workbook – a book and a process guide that aims to develop and maintain sustainable practices throughout the entire building and urban planning process.

- In the shared processes with our clients and collaborators, we want to focus on the unique opportunity that we have today – to create buildings and cities for contemporary lifestyles that are flexible to meet future needs, and that exist within the limits of our natural resources, says Mi Inkinen, CEO of Kjellander + Sjöberg.

Kjellander Sjoeberg Workbook 01

The book is a tool for integrating sustainable practices in architecture and urban planning. It identifies what is meant by sustainable architecture and urban planning and asks critical questions throughout the entire process – from initial analysis to design, implementation and usage.
- We want to define what sustainability is, so that the vision becomes clear to our clients and collaborators. This is a way for us to take responsibility and to help others do the same. Architects have the power to create better processes. This book is a tool for that, says Mi Inkinen.
Many of today’s environmental assessment systems often lack the ability to assess architectural and life quality and the extent to which interesting and coherent urban spaces have been created. The book raises relevant questions to achieve a sustainable context within the frame of Kjellander + Sjöberg's principles: resources, nature, climate, urban fabric, society and lifestyle.
Kjellander + Sjöberg Workbook has been developed in collaboration with John Manoochehri at Resource Vision. Graphic design by THIS IS Studio, London.


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